Get Rich Quick! Not!

If there is one thing the internet brings a lot of it is get rich quick schemes.  One of the more popular of these is being run right now by a man named Tissa Godavitarne who runs a ‘people search’ search engine.  Actually he even has a page describing why they think his marketing program isn’t a scam. However in my opinion they are confusing “illegal” with “scam”.  For example here’s what’s involved when you sign up with Tissa:

  1. You are guaranteed $125 within 24 hours of them setting up their ‘free advertising’ of your custom search engine.  The catch?  They won’t pay you unless you have more than $200! so you have to ‘earn’ an additional $75 in commissions through their various programs (hint: you will never get $75 from creating the basic 3 step program they describe)
  2. As part of the super duper sauce you need to sign up for is a $29.95 a month advertising program from Tissa.  Of course the first month is free and you can cancel any time!  Which means for a statistically large portion of the people who sign up they will be paying Tissa at least one $29.95 payment because they forgot to cancel this free Paypal subscription.  Refunds?  No.
  3. Is the product real?  One surefire way to figure out whether you’re dealing with a scam or not is to figure out if there’s a real product underneath all the marketing.  In the case of Tissa’s people search the answer would have to be either NO or NOT MUCH.  For example I ran a people search on myself (who else?) and it did come up with a location for me… That I lived at 23 years ago… with no other hits.  It seems like Tissa is using an old database.

Tissa Godavitarne, you qualify for the Total Suckage Scam of the month.  Congratulations.

Tissa Godavitarne


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  1. joblodotws

    Aug 30. 2009

    Tissa Godavitarne is "crookeder" than a dog's hind leg! First of all, The $125 is not even search engine commissions! YOU (the affiliate) end up paying for it, here is how: You need to make $75 on your own by promoting Tissa Godavitarne's scam, for which Tissa gives you a small one time fee, while you have brought in SEVERAL others, AT $29.95/MONTH. At this point, Tissa could care less about YOU! I quote from my website the following:Several types of people involvedType 1: GoonsThese people are total con artists: Tissa Godavitarne, Gary Chapelle, Mike Napoli and others that work Tissa's brainwashing forum. These blokes KNOWINGLY scam you.Type 2: No Clue Give UpThese people give up after a while, which can be 7 months or more. They had NO CLUE to begin with, and they have no clue on the way out. They may even call this a legit scam. Eventually, after it sinks in that this is nothing but a total time and money wasted scam, they become infuriated Type 2's (like myself, and countless others). Examples at my website.Type 3: No Clue don't give upThese people become rabid followers until they either give up or become DUMB goons. They can be extremely abusive verbally. They are completely deluded and can no longer speak for themselves. They reply without even thinking because Tissa has already programmed them with standard replies to common problems. They will tell an infuriated Type 2 that this is not a get rich quick program,or, if the Type 2 is still at the clueless stage, they will tell them to learn to earn, which is how they start the time wasting, with the meter running nonstop at the rate of $29.95 per month the entire time. If you hang around past the first three months, you may get promoted to DUMB goon (a DUMB goon is clueless, while a regular goon knows this is a scam). At this point you no longer pay the monthly fee, in exchange for your hours of forum brainwashing that you give Type 2's to keep them on as long as possible. Even if just for 30 days, so Tissa can charge them and you can get a one time fee for bringing the lambs to get FLEECED by Tissa Godavitarne.Which is all that Tissa Godavitarne's FAKE Proof Board represents, in addition to the FACT that they worked for less than $1/hr!Hey Tissa, I still want my money back!

  2. Low Limit

    Jun 29. 2009

    Don't post the facts are way off without any backup. How about this one. I'd like to leave your program so please send me my $125… If the answer to that is "No" then you never gave me $125 did you?You noticed this post pretty fast, is it a coincidence you're searching for acme scam or Tissa scam? I'll leave it to others to dabble in your program and see what they think..

  3. Tissa

    Jun 28. 2009

    Why thank you! I appreciate the (dubious) honor 🙂 Your facts are way off actually, but I won't use your blog to trumpet my program – it speaks for itself to the legions who are succeeding with it 🙂 Thanks again for the mention though!Tissa

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