The Mysterious Disappearance of Pepcid Complete

(Or they’d tell you what’s going on but then they’d have to kill you)

I’m not sure exactly when Pepcid Complete disappeared from the stores, but it was sometime between August and September of 2010.

At first I didn’t think much of it and bought whatever generic replacement was available.  Unfortunately in the case of Pepcid Complete knockoffs the chewable pills are considerably more difficult to chew than the original brand so in what will probably end up being an ironic twist, the quality of real Pepcid Complete caused me to find out that Johnson and Johnson was somehow causing every bottle of the stuff to disappear from store shelves.

The Recall You Know

The first thing you’ll find if you start searching about the disappearance of Pepcid Complete is that there is an actual valid recall for that product active right now.  If you dig a little bit, though, you’ll find that the recall only applies to the tropical fruit flavor of the product and not the other two, more popular, flavors and also that the recall only applies to one lot of Pepcid Complete (and also another lot of Pepcid AC which I could care less about).

Here’s the actual text of the recall:

Johnson & Johnson • Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals, Co. (JJMCP) is initiating a voluntary recall of one lot of PEPCID® COMPLETE®, lot number BEF062, and one lot of ORIGINAL STRENGTH PEPCID® AC®, lot number BFF010, from the wholesaler and retailer level. This is not a consumer level recall and the risk of a serious adverse health consequence is remote. The recall is being initiated because the potential exists for a small number of bottles within these two lots to have been punctured during the packaging process. The puncture was discovered as part of the company’s quality control processes.

As you can see from the recall text there’s NO way that the very minor recall they performed would result in the disappearance of all Pepcid Complete bottles for multiple drug store chains. So far I’ve visited 3 Wal Marts, 2 Rite-Aids and 1 Walgreens.  As you can see there’s no Pepcid complete to be found anywhere.:

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Johnson & Johnson (the makers of Pepcid Complete) have, in the past, taken part in “Phantom Recalls” where they hire people to go in to drug stores and buy a brand up.  I don’t think this explains what is going on with Pepcid Complete right now because the stores would naturally replenish their stocks and that hasn’t happened.  In addition when I ask the people in the pharmacy they say they aren’t aware of anything special going on with the Pepcid products.

Someone is fibbing.  If anyone is reading this I hope you’ll help me figure out who…


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  1. Whitney Martinez

    Mar 14. 2012

    I live in Arkansas and we finally are able to buy the berry flavored but I can't stand them!! The mint flavored are still missing!! If we can get berry why can't I get mint?? I am pregnant and I want mint pepcids!!!!!

  2. Hans

    Feb 27. 2012

    Found the 100ct Pepcid Complete at Costco in Visalia, CA. No other place around here was it available–not at CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Walmart or Target! Do not understand why. Also found it could be ordered from Question remains, why no availability at these other stores?

  3. Mary Kandell

    Feb 23. 2012

    Just bought a bottle of 50 at Meijers in Sandusky….I should have bought all they had….First time I've seen them in like 2 years

  4. Benny

    Feb 12. 2012

    I've been looking faithfully for at least 1 year!!! Something is definitely up. I have a few Rite-Aid generics left but can't find those anymore. What's going on????

  5. Carla

    Dec 30. 2011

    I too take these damn things every day, and it's been gone from my area from every single store. I've been buying the generics. I even tried buying the AC and taking it faithfully every day, but even at double the dose it didn't do the job for me. I didn't realize there were so many of us addicted to pepcid complete. Maybe the secret is they have crack in them.

  6. erikdudz

    Dec 14. 2011

    Anyone have any unexplained ,chronic health concerns?…..AFIB, Heart, Lung problems, or tumors?. I got the 100 count at BJ's, they don't work the same as they did in the past. Maybe there is more to the top-secret recall blamed on product mixing, kind of strange?

  7. Jane Dough

    Dec 05. 2011

    Tallahassee, Florida, same shit here. I do not buy the generics because they have aspartame in them. TOTAL SHIT FOR THE BODY…lol…

  8. bleatingwolf

    Dec 04. 2011

    They dissappeared in the Texas panhandle as well. They made a brief reappearance at Walmart the last week of August/first week of October. I bought 3 bottles. Went back the next week to get more, only to find them all gone.The knock-offs taste horrible, are harder to chew, and don't work worth a fart in a high wind.

  9. James

    Nov 17. 2011

    As per timeless21, hope is not lost.. Just get them on Amazon while we wait for them to appear on shelves again…

  10. James

    Nov 17. 2011

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  11. Bren

    Nov 08. 2011

    This is getting ridiculous.From the site:September 2011When it comes to quality, we are evaluating our processes and making improvements at all the plants that manufacture our OTC products, including products marketed by Johnson & Johnson • Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals, Co. (JJMCP). As we do so, some products, such as PEPCID® COMPLETE®, may occasionally become temporarily unavailable.We are working to get PEPCID® COMPLETE® back on store shelves as quickly as possible and expect some PEPCID® COMPLETE® products to be shipped to stores later this year, with more availability coming in 2012. In the meantime, other PEPCID® products, including Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC® and Original Strength PEPCID® AC®, are in stock at stores nationwide.

  12. Timeless21

    Nov 03. 2011

    You can order them on Amazon and find them on ebay. I just got some in the mail this week ..They are very pricey!

  13. Stacye

    Nov 03. 2011

    None in Miami…I have been on a massive search and no luck. I am about to loose my mind. No one seems to know whats going on…

  14. kauaicalls

    Oct 05. 2011

    This is too weird. It is off the shelves again!!!!!!!

  15. Low Limit

    Aug 25. 2011

    Agree. They were back, but now Wal-mart and Fry's (in Phoenix area) don't have them anymore. Target looks like it's selling off it's stock. What gives?

  16. ....writinginmyhead

    Aug 25. 2011

    Yeah, they were here for a while, but it's gone again. Can't find it anywhere. Again. WTF???

  17. fernando.ramirez1lbc

    Apr 25. 2011

    I was at Long Beach Memorial Hospital on a family emergency and across the way was the pharmacy I just kinda glanced a redtop bottle and to my surprise there it was 2 small bottles of Pepcid Complete I bought 1 bottle for $11.99 that day 4-16-11, then the next day my daughter which she knows I have been looking for this for months says dad they now have them at walgreens so I guess its slowly coming back to shelves, lucky me I survived the shortage by buying 2x 50pills bottles from some dude at a local swapmeet and yes people I said swapmeet dont know how he got em but price was $45 each bottle.

  18. Low Limit

    Apr 20. 2011

    I just saw Pepcid Complete again for the first time in a long time. It looks like it's coming back! Now if we could just get a straight answer on why it was gone for these many long months…

  19. judy

    Apr 14. 2011

    We are gradually becoming a Third World country.

  20. NTS

    Apr 11. 2011

    found 6 50 count mint bottles in Target at springfield mall in Northern Virginia. bought four of them.i've been on this like a hawk for months and NOBODY has had them, so maybe they are finally starting to release some stock.

  21. celticolleen

    Apr 11. 2011

    I've been looking for Pepcid Complete since last year. I finally wrote to Johnson and Johnson and was told "Due to a shortage of supply PEPCID® products are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you and assure you we are working diligently to get your products back as quickly as possible. PEPCID® has been challenged on product supply due to production challenges as well as the transition to new labels. We expect to have PEPCID® products back in the stores for some codes by December 2010." Obviously they didn't quite hit that deadline! I just today found some at CVS in Riverbank, CA. Although I'm worried about the disappearance, I purchased the bottles I found today. I had to – it is what works best for me.

  22. Inspirational Shoes

    Apr 04. 2011

    I spoke to a pharmacist at Target in WI and she told me one of the ingredients has been embargoed and nobody knows when it will become available again.

  23. Linda

    Mar 31. 2011

    My gastro-intestinal Dr. wanted to put me on a daily Rx even tho my heartburn is sporatic. I asked him what the side effects were and he said they had recently seen a connection between the Rx anti-heartburn meds and osteoporosis. Maybe a similar connection has been found with the OTC meds like Pepsid Complete?! He did say as long as the Pepsid was knocking the burn out, to just keep using that instead, but that was last summer…before it disappeared off the shelves!

  24. David

    Mar 31. 2011

    Go to Search for Pepcid Complete. Some stores claim they have it in stock, while other stores state "out of stock". It looks like it is now making it's way back to the stores. P.S. I've discovered that Gaviscon works fairly well, and it is cheap.

  25. David

    Mar 31. 2011

    Someone posted a few days ago that they found Pepcid complete at Costco. I was just able to place an order on It says "out of stock" but that it will ship in 1-2 weeks. I assume they are expecting to get the product in stock. I had tried to order it several months ago, and had said at that time "product unavailable". So, i'm assuming that something has changed, for the better. Maybe stores will soon be getting it again.

  26. katherinesjewels

    Mar 30. 2011

    I know there is a great deal of information on recalls, but it doesn't explain why it has taken so long to fix the problem and restock. I had a thought that maybe there is more to the matter. I've never had any other antacid work as well as Pepcid complete–so much so that it worked better than my prescription medication. Maybe J & J has come up against the makers of prescription antacids–or is taking kickbacks to stop production of their OTC drug which works better than the prescription brands. I know I may be reaching, but it's a thought.

  27. Amy

    Mar 30. 2011

    I live in Custer Park, Illinois. I had been looking for Pepcid Complete chewables since August 2010 and no luck. Today I found it at a Walgreens store, 17 miles from home. It was one of the stores I've been checking for months. This store is in Bourbonnais, Illinois. It was the chewable cool mint, 50 count for $18.99.

  28. St

    Mar 21. 2011

    This is ridiculous. When I noticed that it was gone from Target, Walgreens AND Kroger and that even the generics weren't there I started paying attention. There are no longer empty shelves labeled for this product in my area. Not sure what that means but it's not coming back anytime soon is my guess. And yeah, this is bigger than they are letting on.

  29. jamiehaigler

    Mar 20. 2011

    Voila!!! I have found Pepcid complete. The ONLY place to buy them is Costco. A bottle of 100 for $23!!

  30. Sigmasoul:Also in Baltimore, MD. Visited CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Giant Food Market, Safeway…NOTHING.Found a box of Pepcid Complete at a small store in West Baltimore. Upon return to store later that day…GONE.What is going on?

  31. Charles

    Mar 17. 2011

    I've been looking for Pepcid for 3 months in the DC Metro area (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia). Every drug store, Wal-mart, Sam's Club, Costco, can't find Pepcid anywhere. Pepcid works way too good and quick, none of the other chalk flavored brands satisfy my pallet. Is Pepcid too good? Perhaps someone is losing money because of Pepcid…

  32. GK

    Mar 15. 2011

    I've been hunting for Pepcid Complete in the Portland, OR area for a couple of months now (usually buy it at Costco –so had a big bottle that lasted a long time); decided to try and find out on-line why it is missing —the plot thickens! This is a mystery I'd like to solve.

  33. beverley

    Mar 15. 2011

    I am in Mississauga,Ontario Canada. Pepcid complete has disappeared and Rolaids and now I am forced to use Tums which do not work very fast and I have to eat at least 3-4 at a time. I am afraid that they have found something in the Pepcid Complete and are keeping it hush hush,.Are we going to grow extra limbs or something.Call me Paranoid Penelope

  34. Low Limit

    Mar 15. 2011

    I don't believe any current explanation for the disappearance of Pepcid Complete. The factory problems affect a lot of Johnson and Johnson products but I don't see anything like the recall here and the actual Pepcid Complete recall only affected a tiny amount of product.I'm starting to think this is a lot more serious and maybe the people are right that there's a developing issue with one or more of the components of Pepcid Complete.

  35. Alfred

    Mar 13. 2011

    Consumers Angry over Missing Pepcid CompleteSome consumers are upset over Johnson & Johnson Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals' lack of clear communication about the disappearance of Pepcid Complete, reports Los Angeles Times. The product has been difficult to find since last fall, and the company's website directs visitors looking for it to Pepcid AC. Some frustrated sufferers of heartburn have turned to buying Pepcid Complete on eBay. A spokeswoman for the product told Los Angeles Times that they're evaluating "processes and making improvements at all the plants" that make OTC products. As a result of the evaluations, products like Pepcid Complete may "occasionally become temporarily unavailable." The company has said that the disappearance isn't connected with any recalls, and the product should be available this month.More at the Los Angeles Times | Posted 5 days ago by Peggy Rowland

  36. Nan

    Mar 12. 2011

    I have not seen Pepcid Complete in any store in my area since around September of 2010. The stores continue to have empty shelves with labels for Pepcid Complete. When I asked the managers of stores why the product is not there, they just say "Oh, we keep ordering it, but it never comes in. We don't know why." Nor, apparently, do they care enough to find out. Or, as another person posted here, perhaps there is some big "secret" that is not to be let out to the general public. All quite ridiculous. In the meantime, I get good results from Tums Dual Action, but even that is not always easy to track down. Local stores had it a month ago, now they do not. So I went online and found several places to order it from (in stock), and so I ordered it.

  37. Joseph

    Mar 09. 2011

    Department of Health Report – people or a person complained to the FDA that there was a mint tablet in the berry flavor and that was enough to have the product pulled. Come to think of it, I do recall having a mint flavor in berry – but it wasn't enough to warrant a complaint. Now we are all suffering because of perhaps one individual.

  38. patty

    Mar 09. 2011

    None to found in Lafayette, LA. walgreens pharm did not know why it was removed from shelves. Something to do with famotidine? I told her I get really depressed when taking Pepcid AC lately. She advised I should stop immediately. Cannot find anthing on famotidine? Any ideas?

  39. jon4448111

    Mar 08. 2011

    Pepcid complete thinks pepcid works too well.The recall and total shortage is a setup for reintroduction and a rediculous price increase.

  40. kentrelldragg

    Mar 08. 2011

    Try Giant eagles. I have searched and searched like most of you and I was finally able to find several bottles at giant Eagle in Chapel Hill Plaza in akron ohio. I really shouldn't be telling you all this with the sortage, but it should help people

  41. angieerewele

    Mar 07. 2011

    No Pepcid Complete in the whole state of Ohio, I travel this state due to my job and have checked every city I have passed through. I think I will send this page to my local new station. Maybe they will investigate.

  42. pennycasassa

    Mar 05. 2011

    No Pepcid Complete in South Jersey too!!!!! The store clerks told me that "They were making them better"!!!!

  43. AmiriKing

    Feb 28. 2011

    Here in KY I went to get my monthly pepcid while i was in walmart. NOTHING. figured they were out. went to CVS…..NOTHING. The clerks were clueless. I went ahead and bought gavisconn or whatever…it was nearly 3 dollars more than my pepcid and it tastes like crap and doenst work near as good. I HAVE TO HAVE MY PEPCID….this heartburn is killing me.

  44. Sean

    Feb 27. 2011

    None in Hawaii – Walmart, Costco, CVS, and Target. Using Wal-Mart's generic brand now.

  45. alejandro

    Feb 25. 2011

    same problem in miami.. was able to find a few bottles at kmart

  46. j

    Feb 21. 2011

    After a bit of research, I have found about the best answer you're going to get (well worth the read)… the article is a link that you should also see (especially Observation 4 [as it applies to this blog])…

  47. j

    Feb 21. 2011

    What I find odd is that as supplies were drying up, the remaining "other brands" of the same formula, such as Publix Dual Action, and Tums Dual action were on sale! Why would anyone put a demand product on sale? Seems like they were trying to dump the inventory quick.This is getting CREEPY…

  48. Steve

    Feb 21. 2011

    Same here in Tacoma. And No one knows anything when asked why.

  49. barb2000

    Feb 21. 2011

    Has anyone filed a complaint with the FDA to see what is going on?

  50. laurel

    Feb 17. 2011

    It's not a puncture packaging problem, or generic brands wouldn't have been removed as well. It's not that the manufacturing plant has closed, because that wouldn't have been a reason to remove them from the shelves. It has to be a problem with the main ingredient itself, which would be the same one used in generic brands. The with-held information is the scariest thing to me. No the fact that we can no longer purchase it, or it's generic brands anywhere, but what is it that could be so harmful that it needs to be pulled from every store and shelf, without a word of explanation???

  51. JPReader

    Feb 17. 2011

    None in Arizona either. This is all my fault. When I started to like baked chicken, Roy Rogers and Kenny Rogers closed, and Kentucky Fried Chicken stopped serving it. My favorite cologne? Viking – off the market. NP27 was my favorite athlete's Foot cure – gone. I found liquid Chlor-Trimeton great for my allergies – disappeared. My favorite breakfast food was Cinnamon Raisin english muffins from Thomas – inexplicably disappeared from the face of the planet. Needless to say, Pepcid Complete was the only OTC remedy for my acid indigestion that worked. Sorry. I'm trying hard not to like anything else!

  52. Nathaniel

    Feb 15. 2011

    None here in Smyrna, GA a suburb of Atlanta. I asked a pharmacist's assistant in Kroger and the girl said that she isn't sure why, and thought maybe they were re-formulating the product. She didn't mention anything about a recall. Publix across the street didn't have any either and I didn't feel like driving all over the world to check other places, but from what I've read in the comments, it sounds like I wouldn't have found any; generic or name brand.

  53. Marty

    Feb 12. 2011

    CVS in PA has the Pepcid AC, 90 total. They had several boxes. Pharmacist said they just came in. How safe are they?

  54. Kevin Knoxx

    Feb 11. 2011

    I was told in an Atlanta area CVS that Pepcid Complete as well as all store brand generics were recalled. I would think that if the generics are recalled it is because of one of the ingredients in the drug.

  55. Dane

    Feb 10. 2011

    None in Orange County, Ca either.Crazy I googled " pepcid complete recall " after not being able to find any anywhere!!!!! I mean i checked maybe like 7 stores and 10 gas stations randomly hoping to get lucky and find any and I found one 2 tab pack at a gas station last week actually. Crazy noone is carrying this and it sucks. This stuff is the only thing that helps my acid reflux immediately when consuming. I'm so screwed right now. Thanks Merck.

  56. Michele

    Feb 07. 2011

    I have been to every drugstore chain and Wal-mart on Long Island. Recently went to California on a vacation and spent time looking for Pepcid Complete there as well. None to be found in either New York or California. Like other comments on here, I too only want to take something when needed and Pepcid Complete did the job. I'm sorry to see it go.

  57. jjcain

    Feb 02. 2011

    None here in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, either. What is going on? These pepcid complete antacids have saved me so many times..I have a few left so will use them sparingly. What is the big secret????

  58. Diane

    Jan 30. 2011

    All gone in Detroit area as well. No generic forms – nothing. CVS manager told me company reps came in one day unannounced and cleared the shelves of all of it with no explanation. They said it would be coming back but their attempts to get info on when is not being responded to. This really is scary – we've been putting this stuff in our bodies – so if it's been compromised or determined to be dangerous – we have a right to know!

  59. Judy

    Jan 30. 2011

    Sorry, left out where you can spend that 70 bucks.

  60. Judy

    Jan 30. 2011

    You can buy a bottle of 50 for only haha $69.99. What's up with that? I'll pass and use a little bit of baking soda in water. I'll save my $70 bucks.

  61. Mark

    Jan 28. 2011

    None in 2 months of searching the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin Texas 🙁

  62. shane

    Jan 28. 2011

    I FOUND IT! You can find them in single packs at gas stations (ironic huh) . WAY more money though but hey, it works. Oh, BTW None in Arkansas.

  63. Timeless21

    Jan 21. 2011 PA plant closes its doorsA plant run by a Johnson & Johnson-Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals joint venture was ordered to halt production by the Food and Drug Administration, according to CNN Money. The Lancaster, Penn., plant was given a Form 483, which is an FDA notice of non-compliance with FDA guidelines. It is the second plant in the last few months for Johnson & Johnson to get hit with sanctions, and a setback for the Johnson & Johnson-Merck joint venture. The plant manufactured Mylanta, Immodium and Pepcid.

  64. lisawillis

    Jan 18. 2011

    CVS, Walgreens in Fort Lauderdale, FL have now taken all the Pepcid tags off the shelves and replaced them with the pharmacy generic bottles of Rolaids plus (or whatever the power form of it is) and Tums "Extra" but the bottles look just like the generic version of the Pepcid Complete (also OFF the shelves) which has been the ONLY savior for my acid stomach. NOTHING else has worked and I am desperate for an answer one way or another. I've been taking it for 5 years and want to know if I should still be taking the stockpile in my medicine cabinet. When it runs out- in 2 months or less- I don't know what I will do, but I'd like to know if I'm taking the last bites of a "poison apple". J & J please tell us the truth. It's hard to believe any of the excuses so far. We are smart consumers. Just be honest so we can move on to another solution.

  65. Sharon

    Jan 17. 2011

    Pepcid Complete and related products are also gone in Boise, Idaho and Idaho's Treasure Valley. I did manage to find five rolls of Rolaids in a gas station/convenience store, but that's it. No one seems to have an answer either and they seem surprised when I asked. Something's very wrong here.

  66. Low Limit

    Jan 15. 2011

    The generics are definitely inferior to the real thing in this case. Real Pepcid Complete tablets are soft and easy to chew where the clones are usually very hard and more difficult to chew. PC's flavor also seems better to me.

  67. Ashlee

    Jan 11. 2011

    Are the generics manufactured in the same plant? I've heard with grocery items sometimes the only difference is the label on the can. My 5 year old son was told to take this medicine by a specialist – we found some generic version at Walgreens, but now I'm scared to give it to him. The public needs to know what is wrong with this medication!

  68. Angel Eyes

    Jan 11. 2011

    They have been gone in Minnesota since August of 2010! I am bummed too because that stuff works awesome compared to the tums ultra I used to take. 🙁 I figured it had to be something big because no store in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area has them either and I thought it was strange they were not restocking this hot commodity!

  69. Jim

    Jan 11. 2011

    This problem with Rolaids could be related to the Pepcid Complete disappearance…I think I need to email the reporter to see if she knows about the Pepcid issue.

  70. Jim

    Jan 11. 2011

    No Pepci Complet or any generics in NJ either…everyone needs to start calling the company and calling newspaper reporters about it…I'm also going to call some analysts on Wall St that follow JNJ & Merck to tell them about it…if it impacts their stock prices, they will begin to talk!

  71. jctatom

    Jan 09. 2011

    Pepcid Complete is nowhere to be found here in the Houston, Texas area either. I have looked at CVS, Walgreen's, Kroger, and Randall's and nothing! I got the same response from the pharmacist inside Randalls – massive recall. Greatest product that I have found too – hope we hear something soon! And hope that we're not all in for further complications from daily use — kinda scary!!

  72. imhethan

    Jan 05. 2011

    Yeh, I tried prilosec and it sucks because you have to take one pill a day.and wait for the drug to build up in your system.Until I found Pepcid, the greatest drug for the stomach, it was 10 or 12 Tums or Rolaides every day.By the way, I just heard something about a Tums recall. The reason why CVS generic as well as other generics are gone is the fact that a lot of them (eqaute,CVS, Walgreens,stop and shop,Sams Club,and others) buy their product directly from the original manufacturer, and then simply repackage it. Whether it be drugs, food, clothing or anything retail.Why throw something out and take a total loss when they can sell it in bulk and make some money back. Or perhaps you have a generic company with their own packaging plant but no manufacturing plant. They simply contract with the original manufacturer to produce a product that is not " the original recipe" if you will, to repackage under their name. Anyway, its gone in CT. and in Fl. I hope they get their act together quickly. Oh.. by the way I can still get my generic "Care One" at Walgreens. Not as good, but it works.

  73. T

    Jan 05. 2011

    No luck in finding any here in MA either. As a substitute, the prilosec generic, taken as prescribed, works great. Honestly though, I prefer to take a pepcid when I feel the need and not something daily, as is required for the prilosec stuff to work.

  74. Kisha

    Jan 04. 2011

    Same here in every major pharmacy chain in New York City 🙁 The pharmacist at Duane Reade on 51 between 5th and 6th, relayed that there is some sore of massive recall but the company wouldn't provide any details to the chains. Must be something serious, that they're trying fix…Too bad because that stuff WORKS SO WELL 🙁

  75. Mike

    Jan 04. 2011

    The generic brands are gone as well. York, PA.


    Jan 03. 2011

    After looking in CVS (2 different stores) and Target in Jacksonville, and another CVS and WalMart here in St. Augustine, I can say we don't have any Pepcid Complete to be found here, either. There were a couple of bottles of store brand in Wal Mart and Publix.

  77. Boper

    Dec 31. 2010

    It's gone in Canada as well wish they would let us know if it is gone for good or just temporarily

  78. Ep

    Dec 21. 2010

    I tried CVS's Dual Action which actually worked better. Then it was removed from their shelves as well.

  79. Michael

    Dec 19. 2010

    Not only is Pepcid Complete gone in retail stores and online, but so are the various other related forms such as generic brands from Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. Add to that the fact that other similar brand names like Tums, with their "Dual-Action" tablets are gone too, and this is looking really bad. Kinda scary as to why they are gone, and why there is such secrecy over this entire type of medication being pulled so quickly and without real facts.

  80. Terry

    Dec 19. 2010

    I think you will find an interesting CNN article at this link: FDA is on their case big time!I was able to find some of the product from Ebay and Amazon.comTerry

  81. William

    Dec 18. 2010

    In Alaska they are gone in Safeway's and Wal-Mart as well. The tags are slowly vanishing.. I ask the person who orders them and they have not been told why the orders are not being filled. Something is up. Maybe it's a cover-up of some sorts. Maybe it's because the product works to good and the government doesn't want the public to have a fast effective health product out there.Soon Listerine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol and Bayer products removed from the public.

  82. david9994

    Dec 17. 2010

    Same here in the Los Angeles area. I have checked multiple CVS, Walgreens and Albertsons locations. Pepcid (and even the generic/private label version) is nowhere to be found. Whereas the shelves are empty, the little signs that indicate what is on the shelve are still intact as if the retailers are expecting inventory to arrive soon. What a caper this is !! This is the best performing product of it's type. Hopefully I won't find out my life will end soon… haha.. Happy Holidays to all and god bless !!!

  83. Kathy

    Dec 14. 2010

    Same here in Buffalo, Ny and i've asked the pharmasist in both Walmart and Wegmans grocery store. Nobody knows whats going on. Wonder if they discovered something really bad before anybody else did and decided to discontinue the product before anyone finds out hmm

  84. kimitexas

    Dec 13. 2010

    Same here in San Antonio, Texas. H.E.B. is our largest grocery store and their shelves have been bare for weeks…went to Walgreens this morning and their brand was under lock and key…manager said he would have to escort me to register…said he had no idea for strange situation…Really?…am amazed to see this is nationwide, and yet no news?…small recall?…what in the world is going on?

  85. Heather

    Dec 10. 2010

    I can also tell you it is missing in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area too. I emailed the company at one point….desperate to get my Pepcids back and was told that the recall and a packaging change occurred at the same time which caused them to get way backed up in production. That email conversation was 2 months ago. Time enough to get their problems square. If the off brands weren't so damn nasty I wouldn't care….but they are…and so I suffer. It is odd though the complete cluelessness of pharmacies about the situation. I've asked at a few places and they have no clue why there isn't any on the shelves. That's a productive way to run a business!

  86. Low Limit

    Dec 01. 2010


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    I really like what you did with the blog here!…

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