Microsoft Office 2010 Installation Epic Fail

If you are one of the millions of people who “beta tested” Microsoft Office 2010 you may be in for a series of unpleasant surprises when you try to move to the release version of ... Continue Reading →

Can you hear me Dell? It’s me, your customer.

Dell warranty service finally repaired my PC (for details see the Dell Sucks blog entry).  The issue turned out to be a burnt out capacitor on the motherboard and the motherboard ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 Upgrades… Why, Microsoft, Why?

You would think Microsoft would have learned a lesson from its insanely horrible upgrade system in Windows Vista, but here for you potential Windows upgraders is the official chart ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 RC

Although this is the totalsuckage blog and therefore most of the things I’ll write about here involve frustrating (usually technical) problems and hopefully the solution to those ... Continue Reading →

Re-installing Windows Vista 64 bit over a Windows Vista 32 bit install using a Vista Upgrade DVD

They only hit until you cry And after that you don’t ask why You just don’t argue anymore You just don’t argue anymore You just don’t argue anymore ... Continue Reading →