The Twitter API, Part 2

I got some support on the Twitter Google group and there is in fact a way to get a list of friends and followers for an arbitrary user: which ... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Tivo

First let me say that I really like Tivo, so this isn’t a Tivo bash.  Tivo specifically and DVRs in general have changed the way millions of people and myself watch television programming.  ... Continue Reading →

Get Rich Quick! Not!

If there is one thing the internet brings a lot of it is get rich quick schemes.  One of the more popular of these is being run right now by a man named Tissa Godavitarne who runs ... Continue Reading →

The Twitter API: WTF

Ok I’ll admit it—I’ve been twittering a bit lately, or I guess I should saw tweeting on twitter with the other twittering tweeters.  I’ve been using it with @LowLimitPoker ... Continue Reading →

No Fee for iPhone MMS on AT&T (or so they say)

As an addendum to yesterday’s post, AT&T has said that they will not charge an additional fee for MMS messages (they will count towards the regular SMS message count on the iPhone).  ... Continue Reading →

iPhone OS 3.0: Getting Started Fast

One of the best resources I’ve found to get you started with all the new features of OS 3.0 for the iPhone (which runs on all iPhones from the original to the new (coming tomorrow) ... Continue Reading →

iPhone 3 and MMS and Tethering and Go Eff Yourself…

In the world of old news (old since the announcement last week of the iPhone 3G-S and the new 3.0 Operating system for all iPhones) is the fact that AT&T is, at least initially, ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 RC

Although this is the totalsuckage blog and therefore most of the things I’ll write about here involve frustrating (usually technical) problems and hopefully the solution to those ... Continue Reading →

Re-installing Windows Vista 64 bit over a Windows Vista 32 bit install using a Vista Upgrade DVD

They only hit until you cry And after that you don’t ask why You just don’t argue anymore You just don’t argue anymore You just don’t argue anymore ... Continue Reading →