No Flash for iPhone, Gizmodo Raids: Is Apple the Bad Guy?

I own an iPhone and I like it although I couldn’t tell you exactly why.  The phone service with AT&T is mediocre at best and it seems that any time I really have a need to ... Continue Reading →

Is your bank fee-ing you to death?

To make up losses, many banks are increasing the fees they charge customers for things like overdrafts and non-sufficient funds (NSF).  The Washington Post reports that “Banks struggling ... Continue Reading →

September 2009

No, it’s not September, the title of the post is what sucks.  Last month, for me at least, was one of the worst months ever.  It wasn’t the worst month in the sense that ... Continue Reading →

Can you hear me Dell? It’s me, your customer.

Dell warranty service finally repaired my PC (for details see the Dell Sucks blog entry).  The issue turned out to be a burnt out capacitor on the motherboard and the motherboard ... Continue Reading →

AT&T Sets Date for iPhone MMS Support (hint it’s September 25, 2009)

Yes it’s suckage that it’s taken this long but at least at the end of this month you’ll be able to shoot those pictures, etc. to your friends.  In case you didn’t see the ... Continue Reading →

I would say Dell Warranty Service sucks but that would give “sucks” a bad name.

A couple of days ago one of the Dell PCs here stopped working abruptly with a brief blue screen and then a full instant power down and the absolute refusal to power up again.  After ... Continue Reading →

ContentPromote.Com is a great deal for masochistic blog writers!

People who write public blogs often want to promote them.  I’m not 100% certain but I am guessing that often times one of the things these people do (ok it’s me!) is search ... Continue Reading →

Obama Death Panels have an eye on your Grandmother–An ugly puss-filled socialist eye.

You know, I honestly had wanted to use this blog for the technical things that frustrated me but the world keeps throwing other things at me that frustrate me even more.  Sarah Palin ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 Upgrades… Why, Microsoft, Why?

You would think Microsoft would have learned a lesson from its insanely horrible upgrade system in Windows Vista, but here for you potential Windows upgraders is the official chart ... Continue Reading →

CNN Obama Question is the Total Suckage…

On take a look at question 10: “Does President Obama have a clear plan for solving the country’s problems?” and “Does President Obama inspire confidence?”.  ... Continue Reading →