CNN Obama Question is the Total Suckage…

CNN Question 10 Graphs from reportcard.cnn.comOn take a look at question 10: “Does President Obama have a clear plan for solving the country’s problems?” and “Does President Obama inspire confidence?”.  Notice the pie graphs and how they are exactly the same even though the numbers on the two questions are very different?  That kind of carelessness is total suckage for a multi-million dollar news show.

Is there bias from CNN against Obama?  I wouldn’t go that far, although the way they let Lou Dobbs go on about the Obama birth certificate story (just Google it you big lazy bum!) as if it hadn’t been answered without any sort of editorial comment is questionable and this sort of mistake doesn’t help matters.

My opinion?  CNN is for-profit news which gets ratings by peddling fear, and if I want to be peddled fear I’ll vote Republican thank you very much.


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